Internet Explorer Vs Mozilla: Which is the Best Web Browser?

Internet Explorer Vs Mozilla: Which is the Best Web Browser?

Once upon a time, the Internet Explorer used to be the default gateway to the world wide web. But the web forgot about this giant as it failed to stay ahead of the curve. Its position has fallen from the most used browser to the least, in just a decade.

How did that happen?

When the world wide web opened to the general population, Netscape Navigator was the first browser to take us around. Initially released in October 1994, the popularity of Netscape faded after Windows bundled Internet Explorer into their OS.

Owing to the popularity of Windows OS, Internet Explored thrived until it was challenged by third-party browsers.Out of the ashes of Netscape Communicator came the Mozilla Firefox, an opensource browser created by the Mozilla foundation. As the years passed, Internet Explorer became too heavy and was filled with security risks. From 2003 onwards, Mozilla gained market share at the cost of Internet Explorer as a leaner and safer browser. The pages loaded faster, and the tabs were easier to manage.


Mozilla instituted a bug bounty program to help them speed up the browser’s security program. Thanks to a report from the US government’s cyber division, Mozilla climbed up the market share when the news of Internet Explorer’s vulnerability reached the masses.

Mozilla’s upsurge continued until Google entered the game via its Chrome browser. Currently, Chrome is the world’s largest browsers, be it on desktops or laptops or mobile devices.

Windows discontinued its Internet Explorer and introduced Microsoft Edge. But Chrome still holds about 60 percent market shares while Internet Explorer has a mere 3 percent. Mozilla’s Firefox is the fourth most popular browser with about 5 percent market share. So in the fight between Mozilla and Internet Explorer, the Firefox survived.

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