How to Add More Games to SNES Classic?

How to Add More Games to SNES Classic?

SNES or Super NES Classic is not for everyone. It is a nostalgic piece of gaming history that can bring back memories from your childhood days. In today’s world of Xbox and PlayStation, this Nintendo classic is a reminder of a simpler time. And it costs just about $80 for the device and it comes preloaded with 20 classic games and two great controllers.

The system had 512 MB flash storage and only 250 MB is taken up by the system data. This means you have 250 MB worth of space for yourself, i.e. space for more games!!

But how would you load more games on a locked system?

Easy. First, we have to unlock the device. For this, we will use Hakchi2 software and a PC. We will flash a new image on to your SNES and then use the same software to install the games.


The task is super nerdy. If something goes wrong, your device is bricked, i.e. dead. You won’t be able to use it anymore. If you feel it is not worth the risk, then you are better off playing the stock version. No pain, no gain.

Alternately, you may be able to outsource it to one of your nerdy friends. Some people are more interested in tinkering with items than play games with them. A little bit of knowledge of Unix or Linux would certainly help. While steps may vary, the process is quite similar. We flash an unlocked ROM on your device, and then we add more games into the system. In principle, this is similar to how you unlock a bootloader in an android phone and then flash a custom ROM to get better features.

But again, none of this is aimed at a casual gamer who is happy with 20 games.

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