How Easy is it to Hack My Apple MacBook?

How Easy is it to Hack My Apple MacBook?

Apple products are known for their superior security and concern for user safety. While it is easy to recover information if you forget a password, it is close to impossible to retrieve someone else’s information from a well-protected iDevice.

If you follow standard security techniques like locking the device with a strong password and follow safe browsing habits, it is very hard to hack a Mac.

Since the release of OS X, Apple has implemented a Unix style partition between system resources and user’s space. This has allowed the Apple devices to be immune to the kind of hack attacks that have become common with the Windows system.

MacBooks are not a big target due to their relatively small number compared to the Windows-powered PCs and laptops. Cybercriminals tend to go after easy targets and Windows provides both the mass and the opportunity. So just by choosing a MacBook, you have avoided a hacker’s dragnet.

But, nothing is 100 percent secure. There is always a way around.

If an organised group, like an intelligence agency or a corporate espionage agency, is targeting your Macbook, they will succeed. But most of the mass market blackhats looking for an easy mark will ignore you.

You can also strengthen your defences by following some of the security best practices.

  1. Protect access to your device by adding a strong passcode. Don’t use your date of birth, phone number, etc since they are easy to guess.
  2. Enable two-factor identification if necessary. That way, you can log in with something you know and something you have.
  3. Encrypt your device when possible.
  4. Keep all your devices up to date with security patches and software upgrades. This step ensures your devices are protected from all the identified vulnerabilities.

5. Secure your device physically. Don’t let them out of your sight without locking them.

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