How To Get Free Website Hosting?

How To Get Free Website Hosting?

There are Internet users, on whom the word “free” casts a spell. This article will look at some of the most popular free website hosting providers. The shortest answer to the title question is: Check out the three web hosting providers reviewed below and get your free website hosting today without delay!


The basic plan of this hosting provider really does cost nothing. For the lowest possible price of nothing at all you get a number of essentials. First, you get 1 GB of disc space and 10 GB bandwidth. On top of that, you get permission to put up two websites that you can manage via a free control panel.

Webhost’s free package also provides free domain and WordPress hosting, as well as free website builder and WordPress auto installer. Best of all, you can run your own ads.

The list of features goes on and on, but some of the more important ones include almost unrestricted PHP support and 99% of uptime. Your sites will be up and running 99% of the time, which is exactly as great as it sounds. However, there might be some limitations regarding the PHP support. You might want to check these out.


This is a free cloud hosting provider whose free plan has a mouthwatering name – Chocolate.

Chocolate offers five hosted domains and up to three email accounts. In comparison, Webhost’s free plan offers no email service. However, Freehostia loses miserably to Webhost as regards disc space, offering just a quarter of what its rival does with its free hosting plan.

While Webhost’s free plan does not offer any live support, Freehostia’s Chocolate plan comes with full 24/7 customer support, which is a major convenience for users with little experience in the field of website management.

With regard to MySQL databases, the situation is not quite clear. Webhost have just put a tick against the MySQL Databases feature of their free hosting plan, while Freehostia frankly admit they offer just one MySQL v.5 database with their Chocolate plan.

It is also worth mentioning that Chocolate comes with 10 MB of MySQL storage, while the free plan of Webhost does not list any.


As its name suggests, the free plan of this hosting provider comes with 5 GB of disc space. Surprisingly, it boasts the staggering 20 GB bandwidth – twice that offered by Webhost. The plan also includes three MySQL databases and one FTP account, but there is no 24/7 customer support. Instead, you can rely on some forum-based support, but this can be quite time-consuming.

Final Verdict

Freehostia and Webhost are really neck-to-neck in this comparative analysis. One advantage Webhost has over its main competitor is its being the only free hosting provider to offer free WordPress Hosting and Autoinstaller.

On the other hand, its free plan does not offer any email accounts, compared to the three accounts offered under Freehostia’s Chocolate plan. It’s up to you to decide what’s more important for a free web hosting provider!

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